Aislabie Stud

A New Beginning

Since its purchase in August 2007, the Stud has been comprehensively redeveloped. Considerable thought and work have gone into the regeneration of the stud, bringing the 75 acres back into top condition. A major refurbishment of all the stud facilities, with re-fencing & grassland management was enacted. Our paddocks have been rested, analyzed and treated, ready to nurture future Champions.

Aislabie Stud was originally established before the Second World War, under its current name. Hosting some of The National Stud horses during the war, Aislabie Stud has remained Thoroughbred breeding land since.

From mating to foaling, to weaning and on to sales preparation

Aislabie Stud matches the knowledge of a highly experienced staff to the safety of brand new world-class facilities conducive to nurturing thoroughbreds. Our vet is Ian Cameron from Rossdales, with Nick Wingfield Digby for second opinions, and our blacksmith for our foals & yearlings in world renowned Simon Curtis.

Ideally situated within the historical center of horseracing

Aislabie Stud offers the ease of breeding and raising young stock within a few miles of the major stallion farms, veterinary hospitals and Tattersalls. By restricting the number of boarders, we ensure personal attention to detail. We achieve a very high conception rate every year and our clients seem to like what we are doing as they keep returning and recommending us.

We are interested in both Permanent Boarding stock as well as Seasonal Boarding mares to visit Newmarket stallions.  We promise you the best of care and attention.