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Advising clients on the right stallion to cover their mare with is a key part of Oliver’s business and is one that he enjoys greatly. Oliver does not charge for this advice.

As Oliver has seen the majority of stallions at stud in England & Ireland plus having attended and looked at a very large number of their progeny at yearling, foal & horses-in-training sales. He believes that he therefore has a very good idea of what types of mares would suit a particular stallion and, just as importantly, which would not suit.

Wherever possible Oliver likes to see the mare that is to be mated along with any of her progeny (some of which he will probably have seen at the sales).  Attending all the yearling and foal sales does mean that he knows what stallions are popular with trainers and agents, and equally what stallions are beginning to be less well received.

OSL Bloodstock book a good number of nominations every year, which does mean that Oliver know exactly what price individual stallions are trading down to and what stallions are filling fast and need to be booked early.  In addition he has an extensive list of stallion shareholders which does potentially give him access to stallions that are almost fully booked and to nominations that can sometimes be bought cheaper than elsewhere.

Buying and selling stallion shares and breeding rights is another aspect of the business for those breeders that want to invest in a particular stallion or want guaranteed access to a popular horse.

This advice is FREE with the owners of all stallion nominations normally paying a commission to an agent for booking a nomination.