2023 Stallion Nomination Fees

Oliver knows breeders with Shares or Breeding Rights in the stallions, which are indicated in the right hand column of the table below.  This may gain you valuable access to an oversubscribed stallion or the sellers may be open to fair offers on a nomination that they are not using this year.

Contact Oliver St Lawrence or Arthur Dobell by Mobile, Text, WhatsApp or email to discuss a nomination – 

Oliver Mobile: +44 (0)7718 346807       Arthur Mobile: +44 (0)7762 858772

or Email: success@OSLbloodstock.com

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Stallion£€$2023 FeeSireDamsireHeightCountryBR Nom AVAILABILITY
Society RockMotivator15.3UKNom To Sell 2023
Accelerate$10,000Lookin At LuckyAwesome Again16.1USANom To Sell 2023
Acclamation27,500Royal ApplauseAhonoora16IRENom To Sell 2023
Aclaim£10,000AcclamationDanroad15.3UKNom To Sell 2023
Adaay5,000KodiacRoyal Applause15.35ITY
Advertise£20,000ShowcasingPivotal16.1UKNom To Sell 2023
Al KazeemPrivateDubawiDarshaan16.1UKNom To Sell 2023
Al Wukair5,000Dream AheadMachiavellian16FRNom To Sell 2023
Alkumait5,000ShowcasingDutch Art15.3IRENom To Sell 2023
ShamardalMachiavellian16.1UKNom To Sell 2023
Almanzor25,000Wootton BassettMaria’s Mon16.15FRNom To Sell 2023
AnodinAnabaaBlushing Groom16FRMine Are Gone
Ardad£12,500KodiacRed Jazz15.3UKNom To Sell 2023
Arizona5,000No Nay NeverEnglish Channel16.05IRE
Armor5,000No Nay NeverHigh Chaparral15.3FRNom To Sell 2023
Australia25,000GalileoCape Cross16.05IRE
Awtaad5,000Cape CrossShamardal16.1IREMine Are Gone
Baaeed£80,000Sea The StarsKingmambo16.0UKMine Are Gone
Bated Breath£15,000DansiliDistant View16.05UKMine Are Gone
Bathyrhon6,000MonsunBe My Guest16.2FRMine Are Gone
Battle of Marengo2,000GalileoGreen Desert16.05FRNom To Sell 2023
Bayside Boy15,000New BayAnabaa16.0IRENom To Sell 2023
Beaumec de Houelle6,000MartalineTrempolino16.25FRNom To Sell 2023
Belardo£6,500Lope de VegaDanehill15.35UK
Best Solution6,500KodiacKingmambo16.0GERNom To Sell 2023
Birchwood3,500Dark AngelExceed And Excel15.3FRNom To Sell 2023
Blackbeard25,000No Nay NeverBorn To Sea15.3IRE
Blue Point35,000ShamardalRoyal Applause16.1IRE
Bobby’s Kitten£6,000Kitten’s JoyForestry16.1UKNom To Sell 2023
Born To Sea3,500Invincible SpiritMiswaki16.1FRNom To Sell 2023
Bow Creek4,000ShamardalMost Welcome16.1FRNom To Sell 2023
Brametot3,000RajsamanLaw Society16FRNom To Sell 2023
Buratino£3,000Exceed And ExcelKingmambo16UKNom To Sell 2023
Calyx10,000KingmanObservatory15.3IRENom To Sell 2023
Cappella Sansevero4,000ShowcasingRoyal Applause16.1ITY
Castle du Berlais2,500Saint Des SaintsGarde Royale16.05FRNom To Sell 2023
Caturra£6,500MehmasSleeping Indian15.35UKNom To Sell 2023
Charm Spirit5,000Invincible SpiritMontjeu16FRNom To Sell 2023
Churchill30,000GalileoStorm Cat16.2IRE
Circus Maximus10,000GalileoDanehill Dancer16IRE
City Light7,000SiyouniKendor16.15FRNom To Sell 2023
City Of Light$60,000Quality RoadDehere16.1USANom To Sell 2023
Cloth of Stars7,000Sea The StarsKingmambo16.0FRNom To Sell 2023
Clovis du Berlais2,500King’s TheatreKahyasi16.2FRMine Are Gone
Cotai Glory12,500Exceed And ExcelElusive Quality16.1IRENom To Sell 2023
Cracksman£17,500FrankelPivotal16.1UKNom To Sell 2023
Dabirsim8,000Hat TrickRoyal Academy16.3FRNom To Sell 2023
Dandy Man15,000MozartNight Shift15.3IRENom To Sell 2023
Dariyan5,000ShamardalSelkirk15.3FRNom To Sell 2023
Dark Angel60,000AcclamationMachiavellian16.0IRENom To Sell 2023
Dawn Approach5,000New ApproachPhone Trick16.15IRE
Decorated Knight5,000GalileoStorm Cat16.1IRENom To Sell 2023
Doctor Dino18,000MuhtathirPriolo16.15FRNom To Sell 2023
Donjuan Triumphant3,000Dream AheadTagula15.3FRNom To Sell 2023
Dragon Pulse2,000KyllachyCroco Rouge16.05IRENom To Sell 2023
Dream Ahead£7,500DiktatCadeaux Genereux16.15UKNom To Sell 2023
Dschingis Secret4,000Soldier HollowPlatini16.0FR
Dubawi£350,000Dubai MillenniumDeploy15.3UK
Dubawi Legend6,500DubawiRavens Pass16.0IRENom To Sell 2023
Due Diligence£5,000War FrontPulpit16.0UKNom To Sell 2023
Dutch Art£PrivateMediceanSpectrum15.3UKNom To Sell 2023
Earthlight15,000ShamardalNew Approach15.3IRE
Ebro River4,000Galileo GoldBalmont15.35FRNom To Sell 2023
Ectot5,000Hurricane RunLinamix16.1ITY
El Kabeir6,000Scat DaddyUnbridled’s Song16.1ITYNom To Sell 2023
Elzaam5,000Redoute’s ChoiceKingmambo15.3IRE
Eqtidaar£5,000Invincible SpiritAcclamation16.1UKNom To Sell 2023
Equiano2,000AcclamationEla-Mana-Mou16IRENom To Sell 2023
Expert Eye£7,500AcclamationDansili15.35UKMine Are Gone
Far Above5,000FarhhShamardal16.2IRENom To Sell 2023
Fascinating RockPrivateFastnet RockPolar Falcon16.15IRENom To Sell 2023
Flameaway$7,500Scat DaddyFusaichi PegasusUSANom To Sell 2023
Flintshire6,500DansiliSadler’s Wells16.05FR
Footstepsinthesand10,000Giant’s CausewayRainbow Quest16.1IRENom To Sell 2023
Frankel£275,000GalileoDanehill16.1UKMine Are Gone
Free Eagle5,000High ChaparralDanehill16IRENom To Sell 2023
French Fifteen3,500Turtle BowlAshkalani16.1FRNom To Sell 2023
Galileo Gold7,000Paco BoyGalileo16.1FRMine Are Gone
Galiway30,000GalileoDanehill16FRNom To Sell 2023
Gleneagles17,500GalileoStorm Cat15.35IRE
Goken15,000KendargentIndian Rocket15.35FRNom To Sell 2023
Golden Horde8,000Lethal ForcePivotal16FRNom To Sell 2023
Golden Horn£8,000Cape CrossDubai Destination16.2UK
Gregorian4,500ClodovilCadeaux Genereux16.1IRENom To Sell 2023
Gustav Klimt3,500GalileoDanehill15.2FR
Haafhd£2,000AlhaarthBlushing Groom15.25UKNom To Sell 2023
Harbour Law£2,000LawmanPivotal16.15UKNom To Sell 2023
Harry Angel£10,000Dark AngelCadeaux Genereux15.3UKMine Are Gone
HarzandSea The StarsXaar16.1IRE
Havana Grey£18,500Havana GoldDark Angel15.35UKNom To Sell 2023
Hello Youmzain22,500KodiacShamardal16.15FRNom To Sell 2023
Hellvelyn£2,500IshiguruPetong16.1UKNom To Sell 2023
Hey Gaman2,250New ApproachDubawi16.2FRNom To Sell 2023
HillstarPrivateDanehill DancerMark Of Esteem16.1
IRENom To Sell 2023
Holy Roman Emperor10,000DanehillSecretariat15.25IRE
Honor A.P.$15,000Honor CodeWild RushUSANom To Sell 2023
Hot Streak4,500IffraajHousebuster16FRNom To Sell 2023
Hunter’s Light3,000DubawiBarathea16.05FRNom To Sell 2023
Inns Of Court5,000Invincible SpiritSeeking The Gold16.1IREMine Are Gone
Intello8,000GalileoDanehill16.1FRMine Are Gone
Intrinsic£Oasis DreamPivotal16UKNom To Sell 2023
Invincible Army7,500Invincible SpiritDiktat16.05IREMine Are Gone
Invincible SpiritPrivateGreen DesertKris15.35IRENom To Sell 2023
Isfahan7,500Lord of EnglandPolar Falcon16.25GER
Ivanhowe3,300Soldier HollowSternkoenig16.25GERNom To Sell 2023
Ivawood2,300ZebedeeRed Ransom16.1FRNom To Sell 2023
Jack Hobbs£HallingSwain16.25UKNom To Sell 2023
James Garfield4,000Exceed And ExcelDaylami15.35IRENom To Sell 2023
Jimmy Two Times3,000KendargentAnabaa15.2FRNom To Sell 2023
Johnny Barnes2,500AcclamationDanehill15.3FRNom To Sell 2023
Kameko£20,000Kitten’s JoyRock Of Gibraltar16.1UKNom To Sell 2023
Kantharos$20,000Lion HeartSouthern Halo16.05USANom To Sell 2023
Karakontie$10,000BernsteinSunday Silence16.1USANom To Sell 2023
Kendargent17,000KendorLinamix16.05FRNom To Sell 2023
Kessaar5,000KodiacRaven’s Pass15.3IRENom To Sell 2023
King Of Change5,000FarhhEcho Of Light16.2IRENom To Sell 2023
Kingman£125,000Invincible SpiritZamindar16.1UKMine Are Gone
Kingston Hill£2,000MasterCraftsManRainbow Quest16.05UKNom To Sell 2023
Kodi Bear15,000KodiacMujtahid16.05IREMine Are Gone
Kodiac40,000DanehillKris15.35IRENom To Sell 2023
Kuroshio5,000Exceed And ExcelGone West15.3IRENom To Sell 2023
Land Force£5,000No Nay NeverRock Of Gibraltar15.35UKNom To Sell 2023
Lawman8,000Invincible SpiritGulch16.15FRNom To Sell 2023
Le Brivido3,000SiyouniDr Fong16.05FRNom To Sell 2023
Legends Of War£4,000Scat DaddyRahy16UKNom To Sell 2023
Lethal Force5,000Dark AngelDesert Style16.1ITY
Lightning Spear£5,000PivotalRoyal Academy16.15UKNom To Sell 2023
Logician£4,000FrankelDaylami16.25UKNom To Sell 2023
Lope De Vega125,000ShamardalVettori16IREMine Are Gone
Lope Y Fernandez£8,500Lope de VegaDansili16.0UKNom To Sell 2023
Lucky Vega15,000Lope de VegaCape Cross15.3IREMine Are Gone
Madhmoon2,500Dawn ApproachHaafhd16.0FRNom To Sell 2023
Magna Grecia15,000Invincible SpiritGalileo16.05IREMine Are Gone
Make Believe10,000MakfiSuave Dancer16.1IRENom To Sell 2023
Mare Australis4,500AustraliaRainbow Quest16.3FR
Masar£14,000New ApproachCape Cross16.15UK
Massaat£4,000TeofiloAcclamation16.1UKNom To Sell 2023
Mayson£6,000Invincible SpiritPivotal16.1UKNom To Sell 2023
McKinzie$30,000Street SensePetionville16.3USANom To Sell 2023
Mehmas60,000AcclamationMachiavellian15.3IREMine Are Gone
Minzaal15,000MehmasClodovil15.3IREMine Are Gone
Mishriff20,000Make BelieveRaven’s Pass16.2FRNom To Sell 2023
Mohaather£15,000ShowcasingInchinor16UKNom To Sell 2023
Mondialiste3,000GalileoKaldoun16.1FRNom To Sell 2023
Montmartre4,000MontjeuLinamix16.1FRNom To Sell 2023
Morandi2,500Holy Roman EmperorBering16.1FRNom To Sell 2023
Motivator5,000MontjeuGone West16.1FR
Mshawish$5,000Medaglia d’OroThunder Gulch15.3USANom To Sell 2023
Muhaarar7,500Oasis DreamLinamix16FRNom To Sell 2023
Mukhadram3,500ShamardalTimber Country16.15ITYNom To Sell 2023
Nando Parrado6,000KodiacRoy16.0IRENom To Sell 2023
Nathaniel£15,000GalileoSilver Hawk16.15UKNom To Sell 2023
Naval Crown15,000DubawiDansili15.3IRE
New ApproachPrivateGalileoAhonoora16.2UK
New Bay75,000DubawiZamindar16.1IREMine Are Gone
Night Of Thunder100,000DubawiGalileo16.05IRE
No Nay Never175,000Scat DaddyElusive Quality16.05IRE
No Risk At All18,000My RiskSimply Great16.2FRMine Are Gone
Not This Time$135,000Giant’s CausewayTrippi16.2USANom To Sell 2023
Oasis Dream£20,000Green DesertDancing Brave15.3UKNom To Sell 2023
Olympic Glory4,000ChoisirAlzao15.35FRNom To Sell 2023
Palace Pier£50,000KingmanNayef16.05UKNom To Sell 2023
Pastorius5,800Soldier HollowMonsun16.05FRNom To Sell 2023
Pearl Secret£2,000Compton PlaceRossini16UKNom To Sell 2023
Penny’s Picnic3,000KheleyfKingmambo16FRNom To Sell 2023
Perfect Power£15,000ArdadFrozen Power15.25UKMine Are Gone
Persian Force10,000MehmasLope De Vega15.25IRE
Persian King25,000KingmanDylan Thomas16.3FRMine Are Gone
Phoenix Of Spain12,000Lope de VegaKey Of Luck16.2IRENom To Sell 2023
Portamento£1,750ShamardalUnbridled’s Song16.05UKNom To Sell 2023
Postponed£5,000DubawiDubai Destination16.15UK
Prince Of Lir3,000KodiacWhipper15.3IRENom To Sell 2023
Profitable9,000Invincible SpiritIndian Ridge15.35IRENom To Sell 2023
Protectionist6,500MonsunPeintre Celebre16GER
Rajasinghe£3,000ChoisirSoviet Star15.3UKNom To Sell 2023
Raven’s Pass7,500Elusive QualityLord At War16.15IRENom To Sell 2023
Recoletos4,000WhipperHighest Honor16FRNom To Sell 2023
Recorder3,000GalileoDanehill Dancer16FRNom To Sell 2023
Ribchester7,500IffraajMarju16.05FRNom To Sell 2023
River Boyne5,000Dandy ManMark Of Esteem16.1IRENom To Sell 2023
Robin Of Navan3,000American PostMuhtathir16.1FRNom To Sell 2023
Roman Candle2,800Le HavreSunday Break16.1FRNom To Sell 2023
Romanised7,000Holy Roman EmperorIndian Ridge16.05FRMine Are Gone
Roseman£5,000KingmanPivotal16.1UKNom To Sell 2023
Royal Lytham2,500GleneaglesAnabaa16.0IRE
Ruler Of The World5,000GalileoKingmambo15.3ITY
Sands Of Mali5,000PanisIndian Rocket16.15IRENom To Sell 2023
Saxon Warrior35,000Deep ImpactGalileo16.1IREMine Are Gone
Sea The Moon£25,000Sea The StarsMonsun16.05UKMine Are Gone
Sea The Stars180,000Cape CrossMiswaki16.2IREMine Are Gone
Seabhac4,000Scat DaddyCurlin16.2FRNom To Sell 2023
Seahenge3,500Scat DaddyNot For Love16.1FR
Sealiway12,000GaliwayKendargent15.35FRNom To Sell 2023
Sergei Prokofiev£6,000Scat DaddyTapit16.1UKMine Are Gone
Shaman5,000ShamardalGreen Desert16.15IRENom To Sell 2023
Showcasing£45,000Oasis DreamZafonic16.05UKNom To Sell 2023
Sioux Nation17,500Scat DaddyOasis Dream16.15IRE
Sir Percy£PrivateMark of EsteemBlakeney16UKNom To Sell 2023
Siyouni150,000PivotalDanehill16.1FRNom To Sell 2023
Smooth Daddy4,000Scat DaddyPrairie Maiden16.1IRENom To Sell 2023
Soft Light5,000AuthorizedKendor16.05FRNom To Sell 2023
Soldier Of Fortune8,000GalileoErins Eye16.1IRENom To Sell 2023
Soldier’s Call7,500ShowcasingIceman15.3IRE
Sommerabend3,500ShamardalMonsun16.05FRNom To Sell 2023
Sottsass25,000SiyouniGalileo16.05IREMine Are Gone
Southern Hills£2,000GleneaglesInvincible Spirit16UKNom To Sell 2023
Space Blues16,000DubawiNoverre15.35IRENom To Sell 2023
Space Traveller6,500Bated BreathGalileo15.35IRENom To Sell 2023
Spanish Moon5,000El PradoRainbow Quest16.05FRNom To Sell 2023
Speightster$7,500SpeightstownDanzig16.1USANom To Sell 2023
Spun To Run$10,000Hard SpunGrand SlamUSANom To Sell 2023
St Mark’s Basilica65,000SiyouniGalileo16.05IRENom To Sell 2023
Starman15,000Dutch ArtMontjeu16.1IRENom To Sell 2023
Starspangledbanner50,000ChoisirMade Of Gold16IRE
State Of Rest25,000StarspangledbannerQuiet American16.1IRENom To Sell 2023
Storm The Stars3,000Sea The StarsSadler’s Wells16.1IRENom To Sell 2023
Stormy River2,000VerglasRiver Mist16FRNom To Sell 2023
Stradivarius£10,000Sea The StarsBering15.3UKMine Are Gone
Study of Man£12,500Deep ImpactStorm Cat16.1UKNom To Sell 2023
Stunning Spirit3,000Invincible SpiritDynaformerFRNom To Sell 2023
Supremacy10,000MehmasArcano15.3IREMine Are Gone
Swiss Spirit£2,500Invincible SpiritIndian Ridge16.15UKNom To Sell 2023
Tai Chi4,500High ChaparralBig Shuffle16.1GER
Tasleet£6,000ShowcasingCadeaux Genereux15.2UKNom To Sell 2023
Technician4,000MastercraftsmanSadler’s Wells16.05FRNom To Sell 2023
Telescope£3,000GalileoDarshaan16.2UKNom To Sell 2023
Ten Sovereigns17,500No Nay NeverExceed And Excel16.1IRE
Territories£10,000Invincible SpiritMachiavellian15.35UKNom To Sell 2023
The Grey Gatsby12,000MasterCraftsManEntrepreneur16FRNom To Sell 2023
Threat4,000FootStepsInTheSandBirdstone16.05FRNom To Sell 2023
Thunder Moon6,000ZoffanySadler’s Wells15.3FRMine Are Gone
Time Test£15,000DubawiDansili16UKNom To Sell 2023
Tip Two Win£2,500Dark AngelMore Than Ready15.2UK
Too Darn Hot£40,000DubawiSingspiel15.35UKMine Are Gone
Torquator Tasso20,000AlderflugToylsome16.1GER
Tosen Stardom7,000Deep ImpactEnd Sweep16.2Ire
Twilight Son£7,000KyllachyBin Ajwaad16.05UKNom To Sell 2023
UBettaBelieveIt£5,000KodiacMujadil15.3UKNom To Sell 2023
Ultra3,000ManduroNashwan16FRNom To Sell 2023
Ulysses£10,000GalileoKingmambo16.05UKNom To Sell 2023
Unfortunately3,500Society RockKomaite15.3IRENom To Sell 2023
US Navy Flag10,000War FrontGalileo15.25IRE
Vadamos6,000MonsunPeintre Celebre16.1IRENom To Sell 2023
Van Beethoven4,500Scat DaddyMontbrook16.1FRNom To Sell 2023
Victor Ludorum15,000ShamardalKaldounevees16.05FRNom To Sell 2023
Violence$40,000Medaglia d’OroGone West16.25USANom To Sell 2023
Waldgeist12,500GalileoMonsun16.05IRENom To Sell 2023
Waldkonig2,500KingmanMonsunIRENom To Sell 2023
Waldpark2,200DubawiAcatenango16.1FRNom To Sell 2023
Walzertakt£2,500MontjeuKingmambo16.2UKNom To Sell 2023
War Front$100,000DanzigRubiano16.0USANom To Sell 2023
Washington DC£3,000ZoffanyShinko Forest15.3IRENom To Sell 2022
Way To Paris3,500Champs ElyseesCozzene16.1IRENom To Sell 2023
Without Parole£7,000FrankelLemon Drop Kid16UKNom To Sell 2023
Wooded12,000Wootton BassettElusive City16.2FRNom To Sell 2023
Wootton Bassett150,000IffraajPrimo Dominie16.15IRENom To Sell 2023
Wootton’s Choice4,000Wootton BassettDansiliITY
World Of Trouble$5,000KantharosValid ExpectationsUSANom To Sell 2023
Zarak60,000DubawiZamindar16FRMine Are Gone
Zelzal15,000Sea The StarsKingmambo15.25FRNom To Sell 2023
Zoustar£30,000Northern MeteorRedoute’s Choice16.1UKMine Are Gone

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